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Skateboarding vs. Longboarding #2 (Wins & Fails) - getplaypk

Skateboarding vs. Longboarding #2 (Wins & Fails)
Strictly Skateboarding — Published 1 month ago
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Skateboarding vs Longboarding #2 (Wins & Fails)

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In today's video, we've put together another comparison between Skateboarding vs. Longboarding. You might be familiar with both forms, However Skateboarding and Longboarding has it's own similarities and differences such as the Tricks & Speed you're able to achieve. Hopefully you'll enj...

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Strictly Skateboarding
Strictly Skateboarding What's harder? Skateboarding vs. Longboarding
Das Vagan
Das Vagan Longboarder: Bombing hill at 60mph

pebble: i'm bout to end this mans whole career
Lasuna I skate but I love both Skateboards and Longboards because skating is great for more tricks but Longboards are smoother and maybe better for a beginner but still good :>
Tanja Ridder
Tanja Ridder 3:33 definitely does not count. Slow motion the trey flip manual and you will see his back foot was late and the board landed completely flat before he lifted it. The back wheel closes to the came slams into the ground and actually bounces back. If you want to do manuals combos then do them right. I probably caught 100 kick flip-manuals like he did on that clip and I did not count it till I landed it correctly. If you are with your friends and they try and pull this BS then call them out and tell them “bad ass tick and it was close, but your wheels touched first”. The combo he did is obviously very difficult, but let’s stick with landing tricks correctly. Remember STYLE MATTERS and so does doing tricks correctly. It’s not a manual if the wheels touched at ANY point
Boba phett
Boba phett I give props to the camera men for the longboarding