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The Big Bang Theory - Not My Decision (S12E12)
Big Bang Theory — Published 1 week ago
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Season 12, Episode 12 'The Propagation Proposition'

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Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon They should have talked about having children before they got married.

One of them could end up being miserable for the rest of their life or cheating because the other got their way.
LaBoo T2609
LaBoo T2609 To be fair, I couldn’t trust Zack and his wife to have a surrogate child. The poor thing’d be dead within 2 weeks.
Naomi Wicks
Naomi Wicks I hope one day I have a relationship like Lenny <3 I want a man I can constantly remind has married above him, even though he's kinder and smarter. Someone who was berated by his mom so much he'll just accept my put-downs as normal and deserved. I want him to keep a secret bank account so I don't use the money to pay off a credit card debt I racked up, even though I never bought my own drinks or food because I sponged off people. I hope my husband can proudly boast he "won" me by "wearing me down" over years until I gave in. I want a man who I can mention babies with in one season, then totally turn around and crush that idea in the final season. I want all this because Lenny are goals...
And yes, Sheldon, if you're reading this... sarcasm
Yangyi Liu
Yangyi Liu It makes perfectly sense, considering what they've done in the S01 E01
KatTerrific What's so sad is that Penny can't see how selfish she's being.