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The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream of the crop
Engadget — Published 5 days ago
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Oops, we made a mistake! Impossible Burgers are plant-based, not a lab-grown meat.

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luis002 music was drowning out the info.....
Trigg Ethridge
Trigg Ethridge or you can just eat normal meat
DR Paquette
DR Paquette Did Tesla not show this type of freightliner driver assist in an all electric version? I think it had more tech than the Daimer-Chrysler version. You earned a thumbs down with the veggie burger. This is a tech show - not a veggie show.
james diamond
james diamond wonder what has happened to the alien tech you have hidden or should I say NASA has hidden and these little green men would laugh at this it is sad but true.