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Trump to Give Primetime Address on the Shutdown: A Closer Look - getplaypk

Trump to Give Primetime Address on the Shutdown: A Closer Look
Late Night with Seth Meyers — Published 6 months ago
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Seth takes a closer look at the continuing government shutdown and President Trump announcing a primetime address to repeat his lies.
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Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 to remove Afghan President Amin Who was an outright Stalinist. That’s why they did it.
Russian Bias
Russian Bias The end of the union was set in place long before Afganistan.
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera The wildest thing Steve said.. oh f*** Steve." 😂😂😂. The way he genuinely broke character and laughed at himself was great.
gixxer6000 i belive coyotes are smarter than trump.
Ariel Cotton
Ariel Cotton 3:00 Like from a movie. Better looking than Tom Cruise and stronger.

What freaking world does this guy live in? This is like a scene from twilight zone where a TV character gets transported into the real world and he's trying to act natural.

What's that movie with Tyra Banks? It's like a male version of that.