This is getting out of control... - getplaypk

This is getting out of control...
PewDiePie — Published 2 weeks ago
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Please D O N A T E:

Check out and learn more about cry:

This link crashed for donations, but Im leaving it here anyway.
Ill accumulate both sites when campaign ends.

12 HOURS LEFT N E W M E R C H : 🔥 (◡‿◡...

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RD 1319
RD 1319 Comandant we need no mercy keep straight in the battle. T series do not need mercy

Kids in india needs mercy
Tepigzzzrule Save india from t-series
Mirna Chz.
Mirna Chz. Por qué el título está en español y también en la caja de descripción 😤 pensé que el tipo estaba hablando español, me siento estafada jaja
Papperpuma 112
Papperpuma 112 Make vids with mark pleas(i think gaem plaey)
Blue Brix Productions
Blue Brix Productions This is the end of world war 3 boys we’re goin home.