This is getting out of control... - getplaypk

This is getting out of control...
PewDiePie — Published 6 months ago
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Please D O N A T E:

Check out and learn more about cry:

This link crashed for donations, but Im leaving it here anyway.
Ill accumulate both sites when campaign ends.

12 HOURS LEFT N E W M E R C H : 🔥 (◡‿◡...

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Omar iiTBG
Omar iiTBG كيف كتب ب العربي
monstersince ironicly pew used an Indian click factory to buy his subs. they wont take his money anymore
monstersince do you have something i would like instead of youtubers infantile cash for crap users
Mádełine Miłłer
Mádełine Miłłer I actually really miss the subscribe to pewdiepie era
Sreajan Agrawal
Sreajan Agrawal World is so hateful to India.
Feels like I should give up on loving the world.
Do some shame dear people .