Chase Rice - “Eyes On You” Official Performance & Meaning | Vevo - getplaypk

Chase Rice - “Eyes On You” Official Performance & Meaning | Vevo
Vevo — Published 2 weeks ago
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From “Ready, Set, Roll” to “Three Chords and the Truth,” Chase Rice has given us some strong videos during the last few years. Last year's ‘Lambs & Lions’ is as impressive as his past albums, and from “Jack Daniels Showed Up” to “Unforgettable,” he shows fans just how the scope of his music keeps broadening. Chase took a break from his summer tour dates to swing by and put a spin on "Eyes On You," one of 'L...

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TheJusnic82 absolute garbo
TheJusnic82 bogus bullshit if eyes on your for the win for the best gtfo douche canoe
Brandon weiten
Brandon weiten My best friend and I made this our song. It is the only thing that keeps me sane some days. It also lessen the heart ache when I don't see her for months on end. Just a great song. :)
Joanne Vickerd
Joanne Vickerd Beautiful song
xhiltonx Not for me country boy