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The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price - getplaypk

The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price
Unbox Therapy — Published 6 months ago
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Could the Galaxy M series be the solution to Samsung's sales slump?


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Seacrest Outlaw
Seacrest Outlaw You alway yave the greatest news. If i need info about a phone I Watch your videos.
Real Fookin Talk
Real Fookin Talk I actually said goodbye xiaomi after watching this video. Guess what, im using a redmi right now 🤣
عرفان رحیمی
عرفان رحیمی i have m20 its super cool
Gaming with the V!!
Gaming with the V!! When will it come out to U.S
Đęsţrøyer øf Łımıţs
Đęsţrøyer øf Łımıţs I'm watching this on an M20.

well thats because im in Indonesia