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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean Hannity
The Damage Report — Published 1 week ago
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AOC is making conservatives pull their hair out. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW:

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Robert Welch
Robert Welch The idea that we prospered in the mid-20th century with a 90% tax rate on the rich is overlooking the circumstances of the post war world where for almost 2 decades the US was largely the sole highly productive country in the world. This was because the rest of the world was in a recovery mode after WWII, and it took that long for countries to get back on their feet and be competitive with US productivity. Once they did, they quickly drained wealth away from the US, made possible in part because of the debilitating high tax rates on the highest earners. It was a major contributor to the transition away from domestic productive industries in favor of them moving over seas. That along with the unionized labor that would refuse to recognize the competitive advantage other countries had as they were trying to rebuild their economies.
fred davis
fred davis If you make it, it’s not fair for the government to take 70% or more period! Those who are making it are still the ones who create businesses that pay others to work for them. If the government takes it where’s the incentive to make more and create more jobs? It doesn’t and if the government takes it there goes a butt load of jobs and incentive to make money if it’s only going to go to the fk-ing good old Uncle Sam! I’m broke as a MF’er but even I don’t see this as a fair fk-ing thing to do period! That isn’t America that’s a POS socialist Country that runs their wealth out of town. If all the rich people leave where now is your tax base? It’s gone! Dumbasses!
Dan Volkman
Dan Volkman Ummmm Your lead in is , well lets just say dishonest and drips of clickbait. No way that AOC ever DESTROYS Hannity or anyone on the right. In fact I would love to actually see her on his show debate these things.
James Dean
James Dean Your numbers sound pretty good, taking 70% or 90% from the rich after their first 10 million. And yes prior to JFK people had a top marginal tax rate of 91% and still people worked really hard. However, unless you were a total idiot and used the 1950’s version of Turbo Tax then none of them even came close to paying that amount. Back then corporate accountants were second to none when it came to give the finger to the IRS.

Tax deductions and loop holes brought what they paid down to a more sustainable level allowing a decent increase in the nation’s GNP (2.5 to 3.4%). Dems have a notion that a pie is always going to be the same size and must be split fairly. Any one else living in the real world with the level of intelligence above a house plant knows the wealth created in a strong economy can grow the pie even bigger giving every one a little bit more.

I guess you didn’t learn any of this in your theater class.
larry olstad
larry olstad Varney understands what a progressive tax rate is - he is deliberately lying!