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wifisfuneral - Wifisfuneral's Three Thoughts on Self Care
Vevo — Published 3 months ago
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Three Thoughts on Self Care

There's been a lotta bouncin' around in Wifisfuneral's life. 21-year-old MC Isaiah Rivera has caught some major buzz from his SoundCloud tracks and hard-hitting mixtapes such as 'Black Heart Revenge' and 'When Hell Falls." Growing up in Palm Beach after spending his childhood in the Bronx, Rivera has said that he often longed for the support of his estranged dad, a NYC battle-rapper wh...

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wav.yliving 波打つ
wav.yliving 波打つ I feel you man
Blood Rain
Blood Rain Get off good music you mofo
Kimmayhlahna Alvarez
Kimmayhlahna Alvarez omg this is bae. i suffer from severe depression and want to die everyday and im negative everyday because of mainly my depression. like I love you. please know you not alone.
caaaaaaaaaz this guy looks like he went to a tattoo shop and said "just throw some of those tattoos on my face, i don't care what they represent"
fuckin looser
Big Flower
Big Flower Yo like... dundundundun