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Amos Lee -
Vevo — Published 3 months ago
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"Little Light" Official Performance | Vevo

Amos Lee has been one of our go-to singer-songwriters for more than a decade now. His lyrics always reveal some kind of truth that we all know but can't exactly put into words, and his melodies are indelible. Settle into a Lee show, and soon you'll see: whether its "Arms of a Woman," "Sweet Pea" or "Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight," the audience can't helping singing ...

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Ebony Lo.
Ebony Lo. I've been wondering where this man has been up too
Collin Schultz
Collin Schultz Amos has been and is now always one of my favorite artists
Collin Schultz
Collin Schultz Beautiful as always
useacondompeople Shit. Does he ever take that darn denim jacket off?? He lives in that thing...... Buy a new jacket Amos. !! For realz, yo.