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Ruel - Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes
Vevo — Published 1 year ago
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Ruel: Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes

It started with James Bay's "Let It Go." Sydney tween Ruel Van Dijt recorded himself singing the UK hero's hit, and shared it with a producer. The producer had some industry juice, loved the track, and...Bam! A career was off and running thanks to a husky voice that has a rather persuasive R&B quality. Since then, Ruel's earned himself some other nice breaks, too. He's tou...

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Maria Pershaug
Maria Pershaug If I’m not marrying someone like Ruel I ain’t getting married
julie klemm
julie klemm I‘m in love with him and his beautiful beautiful mind
Amitaf Radiah
Amitaf Radiah Too bad ur alwready known of ur hot looks AND ur music
gabbymercia rewatching this video from my ruel playlist, looked in the description and realised you spelt his last name wrong 🤣
Emmaa rue van dijt???? hahaha