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Ruel - Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes - getplaypk

Ruel - Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes
Vevo — Published 10 months ago
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Ruel: Three Thoughts on Expensive Clothes

It started with James Bay's "Let It Go." Sydney tween Ruel Van Dijt recorded himself singing the UK hero's hit, and shared it with a producer. The producer had some industry juice, loved the track, and...Bam! A career was off and running thanks to a husky voice that has a rather persuasive R&B quality. Since then, Ruel's earned himself some other nice breaks, too. He's tou...

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امتیاز احمد ملک
امتیاز احمد ملک Ya'll we need to protect him at all costs!!!
Keara Braedon xx
Keara Braedon xx No one:

Ruel: "Like 'Tyler The Creator'. He's kinda dressing up like a grandad but he looks , like, sooo dope!"
dr phils waifu uwu
dr phils waifu uwu s i x f o o t f o u r
davidyz426f He's so nice, 💜 aww my heart 💗💗✨
taya 8 months later hes wearing a $3000 outfit in his latest music video