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Amy Shark - Three Thoughts...On Perserverance - getplaypk

Amy Shark - Three Thoughts...On Perserverance
Vevo — Published 10 months ago
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Amy Shark has told interviewers that she wrote her first song as a form of therapy - forget about a hit or career, it was just a way for a teen to articulate her feelings while strumming the guitar. But the Aussie singer with the global reach, who has recently brought fans beloved tracks such as "Adore" and "I Said Hi," did carry on and make a sizable impact. Her "Spits on Girls" turned lots of heads and got a buzz going in 20...

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Syilla Zee
Syilla Zee
DJ Alice Dancer
DJ Alice Dancer You are a good singer
DavidC your missing God, sorry but it's true and nobody wants to hear it 1:38
petev23 Amy is so fucking HOT