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20 Things You Didn't Know About Loren Gray
TheTalko — Published 4 months ago
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Amazing facts about social media star Loren Gray.

If you’ve caught yourself singing along to the viral sensation “My Story,” you have Loren Gray to thank. This social media star turned musician started out lip syncing, but now has her very own record deal. Although she presen...

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yusrah tregonning
yusrah tregonning I supported her since 2015❤️❤️❤️
Jay Wood
Jay Wood People make mistakes if u dont your not human so i think Lauren gets another changes
Melanija Čehič Limoni
Melanija Čehič Limoni support her since forever
Emily Heflin
Emily Heflin Somethings don't need to be told like this and besides I don't care
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones In MY OPINION, I feel like she doesn't have much talent. Her singing is not that special or great. She lip-syncs on tik tok, which is not a talent because, littery anyone can do that. She is a nice and sweet person but, there are plenty of people in this world who are nice and have better talents but they are not famous, to me she is not that much different than anyone else other than she is pretty. So to me she is only famous for her looks and modeling.