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Atmosphere - “Virgo” Official Performance | Vevo
Vevo — Published 1 week ago
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Atmosphere – "Virgo" (Vevo Performance)

Twin Cities duo Slug and Ant release albums like they’re punching the clock at the office. As Atmosphere, the pair bring a workmanlike approach to their projects: ‘Mi Vida Local’ is their ninth album since 1997, with a few compilations and EP’s sandwiched between. Somehow Slug even manages to operate beloved hip-hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, home to underg...

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Folthorn - Minecraft & Rust
Folthorn - Minecraft & Rust Finally, fuck the mumble rap. Atmosphere forever dawg <3
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma always loved atmosphere and ant
Ryan Jelken
Ryan Jelken How much for a verse?
Eric Hart
Eric Hart I was excited about this until i seen it wasn't a live performance instead it was just slug rapping over the instramental... A good pr move would've been a true Atmosphere live performance and sorry slug but even Sway on live radio played the whole long intro which is what helps make this song stand out... I love the song too... Peace homie
Derrick Budd
Derrick Budd Mni Kin Wiconi 😎 ✊✌️