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Atmosphere - “Virgo” Official Performance | Vevo
Vevo — Published 2 months ago
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Atmosphere – "Virgo" (Vevo Performance)

Twin Cities duo Slug and Ant release albums like they’re punching the clock at the office. As Atmosphere, the pair bring a workmanlike approach to their projects: ‘Mi Vida Local’ is their ninth album since 1997, with a few compilations and EP’s sandwiched between. Somehow Slug even manages to operate beloved hip-hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, home to underg...

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Sloan FireClay
Sloan FireClay Thank you Slug. I still remember word for word when you and I spoke. You, most likely don't, its understandable. But if you read this, I appreciate the work you do and the person you are. Your viewpoint helps me be the best I can be.
Greendrugs Mara
Greendrugs Mara Wooow ..... just wow
J. Baked
J. Baked I've never related to a rapper so much. Slug is like my best friend. Top 3 for me
Adaline .
Adaline . Lemonade, All? Eye promise you. ;)
segan25 just trying to find a balance...