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Scottie Pippen is worried about Celtics following in-game argument | The Jump - getplaypk

Scottie Pippen is worried about Celtics following in-game argument | The Jump
ESPN — Published 5 months ago
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Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen of The Jump react to an in-game argument between Boston Celtics players Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown, and what it means for Brad Stevens' team as they make a push for the 2019 NBA Finals.

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Clem Cornpone
Clem Cornpone It isn't talent on the team goddammit. It is juvenile egos. That team got past Philly last year because Ben Simmons can't shoot and Embiid is fools gold--big numbers in the season and completely negatable in the playoffs by a good coach. That team got put out of the playoffs by a team with very limited talent and one great player who should have been the focus of a competent defense and so contained. They ain't done shit yet. Kyrie has never been anything but showboat second fiddle and the natural true leader on the team is halfway through a recovery.

This is childishness by the players from Kyrie down. They should be looking for a groove, whatever it is, not pissing on each other like a half dozen self-centered Joel Embiids.
Jose Celtics should sit Irving and Heyward so last year chemistry comes back. The 🌟 players are not helping this young roster. Is like the Lakers. Young players play better without Lebron on the court. Sometimes stars mix with young players doesnt worked out.
Londre Gilkey
Londre Gilkey Scottie love him some MJ, while not in this discussion, just to hear his voice makes me thing all he talks about it how great MJ was, never mentions other teammates, Rodman, Harper, Tony? Just MJ, he even diminishing himself or is it he hates that when is man MJ left team his body guard was gone and Phil call plays for Toni K not him and don't let me bring up Rodman and how he and Malone didn't want no parts of him.
DEK TRAN kyrie isn't a franchise player he will never win a title without lebron
Losson Luckett
Losson Luckett Celtic need to trade Rozier and J Brown, and try to bring in an Ariza type vet and like Pat Beverly tbh, those dudes will come in and compete nightly. J. Brown and Terry act like they should be handed starting jobs.